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Wednesday, October 17

To market, to market: Highpoint, North Carolina-My 5 Take-Away designs at Pearson

While at High Point Market I visited many showrooms, noting five consistent themes:  
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cabinet from Pearson is detailed and outfitted 
in a durable faux shagreen made of leather
1. a marvelous blending of color combinations using both subtle and bold colors
2. a plethora of layering textures with return to intricate detailing  
3. many"cigarette tables" and small pieces offering mobility
4. sectional upholstery and multi-unit upholstery, not your 80s sectional!
5. overall return to classic, traditional designs but tweaked to feel modern.
the art throughout the Pearson showroom is a perfect backdrop to the layering of colors and textures.  Paintings by Douglas Freeman, a local North Carolinian artist
I was invited and sponsored to attend Highpoint this year by two of my favorite brands - Pearson and Hickory Chair.   I knew I would write about their collections.   However, I truly had no idea that both these showrooms would be my ultimate favorites, each different in their aesthetic, but with equally important quality and innovation. I have much fodder after a whirlwind three days, and I will write daily posts this week about all I saw at Highpoint beginning with my views of the Pearson Showroom. 

1. The color story at Pearson:  
Jennifer McConnell is both the creative and marketing genius, and she brings her sophisticated design eye together with her business savvy to create a gorgeous showroom.   What struck me first upon entering the Pearson showroom is the beautiful color story woven throughout, beginning with the green inspired entry reminiscent of Versailles.
2.  In addition to a beautiful palette, layering and detailing was everywhere creating rich design.  Noted below the green tape trim on the geometric seating.  Jennifer has created a visual wonderland of styles, colors and textures utilizing the furniture, fabrics and accessories of the historic company.
Here they used a classic Brunschwig & Fils printed fabric but re-colored in a green colorway to adorn a classic chair with a patina finish. The color weaving continues throughout the showroom  with interesting blues mixed with corals, and layered with  old world tapestry, vibrant geometric, cut velvet, floral.

3.  I noted a return to rich fabric like the tapestry above.  Of course we have seen lots of blues in the last couple of years but the new, rich and moody blues in combination with corals feels fresh.  
Set in an expansive 16,000 square space the showroom's colorful rooms layer onto the next, creating a detailed visual medley of soft and bright colors together.  It was exciting to hear about Jennifer's trips to Europe where she procured the rich, detailed fabrics of the highest quality.  

3. While at the D&D building two weeks ago during NYC Fall Market, I heard from both Bunny Williams and Miles Redd about the importance of small tables for today's home.  Bunny created quite a few "cigarette tables" in her Bee Line collection and both designers talked about wanting versatile furniture that can be moved when entertaining.  I saw lots of these types of pieces at Highpoint.  
This faux shagreen table at Pearson can be set alone, or put in groupings of two or four to carve out a small space.  Some of the stools and seating I saw could also be used as tables. 
the richness of  the wall color in the showroom varied from deep cerulean shades to a tomato soup red that I have not seen before.  
One part orange, one part red but warm it set the perfect background for rich upholstery and fabrics.  Moroccan, European and Asian influences can be seen on the Ming legs, the detailing and the tufting throughout the showroom.

 there is an impeccable attention to detail on many of the pieces. details, details, details...

4.  I saw a return to lengthy sofas and mix and match upholstery.
  at Highpoint there were lots of shapes and sizes of upholstered pieces from large one piece items to mix and match, and even curved backs with lot of tufting.  

 please stop back every day 
this week for more views of Highpoint!
xo Happy Nesting