Monday, October 29

Shedding a lil' light during hurricane "Sandy" in NYC: let me offer some great lighting sources!

Let me write about the value of great lighting 
as I sit typing on my battery operated computer by candlelight during the worst storm in one hundred years in NYC.  
Lighting can be one of the most important functions to interior design, and the right combination of overhead on dimmers, table lamps and the like can truly transform a space both aesthetically and functionally. 

 There is nothing worst in a room then 
poor lighting to 
ruin the mood, and hence the design
just the right type of table lamp can truly change an environment as this antique industrial style brass lamp adds character to an already strong room via pinterest
Source: via tamara on Pinterest   Nature inspired lamp adds an interesting element

This room is already designed with lots of detail, 
from rich green color to a variety of fabrics, yet this lamp makes the space.

Having just had a year-long inundation of design events from London's Blogtour to this year's Highpoint, I am even more versed on what is the latest and greatest in lighting, but of course I have my old standbys.  These are the lights I return to over and over again for clients because their style and functions provides just the right amount of style and form.  I  am infatuated with mostly classic interiors but where there is a  modern sensibility brought in, and often times that is done through  lighting.  The right lamp, sconce or overhead can add that unexpected sense of whimsy, glamour or utilitarianism when needed.  Here are some of my very favorite "go to" lighting companies and the products I love most:
Ro Sham Beaux
(which means rock, paper, scissors - love it!)
as seen at Highpoint
The Malibu offers many different options with three finishes, 
bead color options and styles

love it that they use recycled glass from bottles in this version

 interesting detailing in refreshing natural materials
 with three finish options from gold to natural or silver tone
love the Jackie O
which was introduced at Fall Highpoint Market 
and with this black shade option
or white or in gold or silver finish

Ro Sham Beaux 
offers unique lighting with table lamps, 
chandeliers, sconces and standing lamps.
 this company continues to impress with many new product launches and collaborations with designers.  The new larger space they're occupying at 200 Lexington in NYC showcases their varied designs.  At Highpoint this year they showcased many interesting lighting designs.  I recently purchased these three pendant lights for a client's loft in SOHO 
and their large scale works well in the space.

While at Highpoint I got to see Barry Dixon's new line for Arteriors and he offers moody lighting and snappy furniture pieces such as this one
 John Rosselli
 Since I've been a fan of John Rosselli (and his wife Bunny Williams) for over two decades  he continues to be one of my favorites when I'm looking for unique, one of a kind lighting.  Sometimes the budget needs to be substantial, but when looking for interesting chandelier or sconces I hit one of his shops.  I'm not sure if he is still hosting his annual sample sale in Harlem, but I've picked up several lights there for myself over the years, and for a song.
 this antique sconce (not electrified) has graced my beach house dining room for ten years and is one of my very favorite pieces in the home.  
I picked it up at John Rosselli's annual sale.

 another John Rosselli favorite
 and it is tole, and I painted it cream to 
fit well in my tone-on-tone NYC dining room.
I bought these candlestick crystal lamps from John Rosselli years ago

add a little modern bling with the English company,
 Vaughan is one of my very favorite lighting companies.  You can rely on the quality again and again, and I like that even though an English company they keep much in stock for quick buying options.  This particular light was featured in Robert Passal's room this summer at the Hampton Designer Showhouse.
 the Vaughn light in this room added just the right amount of glamour - I was fortunate enough to get a shot of Robert Passal's design team just after installing the space

 Vaughan's Seville chandelier 

 The Zurich comes in three finishes and with the interior shade option
I recently bought this Zurich light for a client's NYC apartment in
the chrome option to inject a modern appeal to 
a pre-war apartment
 Sorbonne light at the Tatler Restaurant courtesy of Vaughan blog 

Verbier Crystal Chandelier small in 4 lights

for interesting drum lights and sconces I often choose
Zia Priven

 Zia Priven offers state of the art lighting with a little edge.  
I bought this light for a client's teen bedroom
they have several drum style hanging lights with small detailing that makes them a bit more special than other drum lights, including this one, the Emma with a glass drop detail, which worked well with the other designs in the space.
Zia priven offers many shade color and texture options 
as well as interesting glass and metal pulls

 I also like Zia Priven's Troy chandelier

At last week's Holiday House opening in NYC, 
met designer
 Janet Rice 
in her designed space

Janet's small hallway was illuminated with the sparkly designs she chose from Gracie wallpaper to showcasing her brand new line of lighting.  These table lamps are gorgeous and I like how she utilized crystal and natural materials together in the space.  You can buy her lights on her website.
Janet Rice's lamps will be available on her website soon.  
with two locations in NYC plus online, 
Remains is one my favorite design centers for lighting. 
I recently bought this antique pendant light from Remains
for a client's banquette in their NYC kitchen
The Veronique collection
 is one my favorite sconce and swing arm lamp options 
because it has both a modern and traditional sensibility.  
The asymmetrical option is unique. 

 I can count on Remains for offering both 
antique lighting plus their extensive collection of 
pendant, flush and sconce lighting
 home with a  Remains light, featured in Harper's Bazaar

I hope you stay safe and dry during 
the storm,
but maybe enjoy the down time to catch up on your
I worry for NYC and the surrounding areas, 
and pray for a speedy recovery after this devastating storm!
XO Happy Nesting