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Nest by Tamara's Five Interior Design Trends Influencing Our Homes this spring and summer 2016

Nest by Tamara's 
2016 Trend Report for The Home 
Spring & Summer 2016
Let's Talk About Five Home Trends 
Influencing Our Homes...
1. Classic With A Twist
2. Fantastical Tabletop
3. Futuristic Lighting
4. Artisan Made
5. Micro-Trends:  
leaf patterns; ceramic; geometrics; blue; copper
On the heels of travel to dozens of trade shows and design industry events this year, I have lots to share.  My most recent trip to Paris and Maison & Objet gave me great fodder for what the world's emerging and leading design artisans are noting.  During this wonderful week in Paris, there is a coming together of the industry.  Upon my return, last week I was invited to take part in an expert panel where we spoke about trends and how they influence us.  We joined together at the gorgeous Cliff Young showroom in the  the New York Design Center to a welcoming crowd, and we even shared delicious French-inspired cocktails to celebrate Spring. I joined together with esteemed designer Anthony Baratta, HGTV's Nancy Fire and Cliff Young's Lori Zarra Young to share our thoughts on how trends influence our homes, as well as talk about how we incorporate these trends into our own designs.   Each one of us brought varying perspectives on what lies ahead for the design industry. I  highlighted what I see as the most important trends in design going forward, and narrowed down to the most important five aesethetics/movements/ideas.  I profiled  four such ideologies, and for my fifth I sited a group of micro-trends -- these are iconic designs all the rage.  I am happy to share these with you as you design, decorate, host and live your life to the fullest this spring and summer. 
Happy Nesting
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Classic With A TwistI noted a return to traditionalism in furniture, accessories and fabrics this year, but there was certainly a twist.  While the designs are rooted in old world principals and techniques, many pieces bring something new to this classic based design whether it is technology, clean and edited lines and/or an artist's hand work making the piece unique and modern. 
Fantastical Tabletop Entertaining in the home has permanently changed from a decade ago when hosting a fete in the home was mostly a formal occasion.  Since the kitchen continues to be the epi-center of our home, we are inviting guests into our homes more often now, utilizing creativity like never before.  We are mixing matching plate and tabletop patterns, combining old with new and everyday with formal and creating whimsical vignettes and tabletop arrangements in a way that is stylish, yet not stuffy. We are collectively experimenting with cooking, food and design, and the products show this with a fantastical array of tabletop products.  Even some of the old guard companies like Hermes and Richard Ginori are showing over-the-top patterns and making tabletop fun.

Futuristic Lighting As I noted above, much of home design producst lately holds a classic base, the lighting world is exploding with newness, and a complete departure from the past.  Technology and art are both driving this trend in this direction.   OLED and other new lighting features, allows lighting to take on new forms, while the shapes and materials used are often inspired by art and culture these shapes are taking on almost unrecognizable abstract designs.  Lighting is innovative and infused within walls, floors and even furniture now. Chandeliers are no longer just large pieces but sometimes with moveable parts and varying shapes, sizes and materials altogether in one structure that feels organic, and sometimes futuristic.

Artisan Made Is certainly not a new trend, but one that is reaching an important crescendo.  We are almost as interested in the back story of the product and artisans who make them, as we are the product itself.  Today, we want to know how and where it was sourced, if there is hand work and we have become enamored with shopping locally.  This allows small artisan shops to flourish.  All around the world, tradeshows are supporting and celebrating artisans like never before, and online platforms now offer artists the opportunity to sell their products all over the world. 
Micro Trends: 
leaf patterns; ceramic; geometrics; blue & copper
from fabric, to paint color to furniture, lighting and accessories these iconic designs (and the color blue) are seen everywhere.  They will most likely not go out of style, just become folded into the designs we love.  Many of these are iconic and have been in and out of favor for years, but some are new and fresh.  

I encourage you to visit the
Cliff Young Showroom
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photo courtesy Cliff Young Showroom