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Meet Us in Boston at the Boston Design Center for Talking Antiques

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Join Us For a Discussion On The Subject,
Assembling the Experts in Boston  

photos- antique bergeres
we upholstered in root cellar designs' textiles
Paris Design Week, 2018
As a designer who wears many hats (I am an interior designer for my residential clients, I design fabric and wallpaper for other designers, and I write about design for the public) I often think about antiques and how to incorporate them into our homes.  How do we meld the love for the old and unique with our modern spaces?  How do we take that family heirloom and make it fresh and new? On this subject-- please join us for this exciting discussion at the Boston Design Center where I'll speak on a panel about this very topic.  My good friend Toma Clark Haines of the Antiques Diva will lead the discussion sharing her expertise, and renowned interior designer Steven Favreau and I will join her on the panel.  I have just returned from Paris to attend Deco-off, the Paris Flea Market and Paris Design Week and I am excited to share my thoughts.  I've traveled with the Antiques Diva tours from Parma and Milan to Paris, and we hope to share our experiences and talk about the current design trends gleaned from these exciting antique markets.  Here's the skinny...I hope you'll join us!
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Assemble the Experts...
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Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva
takes over the Boston Design Center's Market Stalls 
along with a panel of fellow antique and design gurus.

What: A panel discussion and lunch in the Market Stalls
When: March 6 at 11 am 
Where:  Boston Design Center, Seminar Room
Join the Boston Design Center (BDC) and the 
Antiques Diva for a panel 
discussion on the timeless effects of classic antiques.  
Engage with an array of antique experts - 
including the inimitable antiquer Toma Clark Haines, 
the iconic interior designer Steven Favreau, 
and designer and inspirational jack-of-all-trades 
Tamara Matthews-Stephenson - to ask questions, 
catch a story or two and learn the tricks of the trade. 

Massachusetts, one of the original 13 colonies is rich with 
American culture.  From the better-known Boston and Beacon Hill 
to the coastal towns of Essex and New Bedford, Massachusetts 
is the perfect place to find artifacts and antiques that tell the 
story of the nation's history.

What some don't know is that, while Boston is the cornerstone for 
Northeastern antique and vintage finds, it is also at the 
forefront of style and design and is evolving along with the 
industry itself - the perfect culmination of old and new.  
So, what better place to talk to the experts?  

BCD Market Stalls
The Market Stalls At the Boston Design Center is 
the cornerstone of classic charm and eclectic flair. 
The newly-renovated 10,000 square foot space is 
positioned in a boutique-style marketplace and boasts 
some of the finest quality antiques sourced around the globe. 
Toma Clark Haines
Toma, The Antiques Diva Toma Clark Haines began her company, The Antiques Diva, in 2008 which has since become the world's largest antiques buy and touring services. The Antiques Diva & Co. offers custom private, one-on-one antique buying tours to both individual and trade consumers across 15 nations in Europe, Asia and America. The Antiques Diva & Co. employs over 25 local antique experts who help clients find exactly what they are looking for every time.

Steven Favreau
Interior designer Steven Favreau has made the design world his stage. Favreau is an international personality, his work spanning the United States and the European Union. Favreau and his firm, Favreau Design, pride themselves on attention to detail and the needs of the client.  "Beautiful interiors are only successful if they function perfectly with the client's needs," he says of his philosophy. Favreau has made several appearances on television as well, the most notable being HGTV's The White Room Challenge and Design Star.

Tamara Matthews Stephenson 
Tamara Stephenson is an interior design, freelance writer and product designer living in New York City. Her design firmTamara Matthews Stephenson Designs, focuses primarily on residential projects and also implements Tamara's signature hybrid style of "sophisticated cottage." Tamara keeps herself busy as she also operates her own very successful blog, Nest by Tamara and is the co-owner and designer of home fabric collection Root Cellar Designs.