Sunday, May 22

A Special Evening With Toto USA--Water Conservation, Clean Eating & Living Following A Day At ICFF

How Clean Soil & Conserving Water 
Are At The Root Of Our Planet's Success...
All told To Us by World-Class Chef, David Bouley and the TOTO USA team
over dinner at Bouley Botanical, NYC
dining on David Bouley's delicious food at Bouley Botanical 
with the TOTO USA team and #DESIGNHOUNDS after a busy day at ICFF.
With TOTO team and DESIGN HOUNDS at Bouley Botanical
Toto USA sponsored our day and evening together at this fantastic space in SOHO.  We dined following a busy day at design shows ICFF and Wanted Design.  At first glance, our dinner seemed like just a fancy meal out at a five star restaurant with a world class chef, but once diving a little deeper the night was infused with a philosophy about clean living, "green thinking" to include thoughts on the value of water conservation and clean soil, with ideologies woven together by world class chef David Bouley and TOTO USA.  Firstly, we learned that TOTO USA's products have many certifications and stamps of approval to foster their primary function, which is to offer friendly-to-the-planet products with state of the art technology.  At the center of this is a topic on top of mind around the world--water conservation.  Toto has made huge strides to offer their bathroom products not only with superior engineering, technology and research but to to offer sustainability through water conservation, which in turn influences the planet in monumental ways.  And, as a result, TOTO has had great success selling more than 40 million Washlets worldwide since their 1980 launch in Japan.

Likewise, we heard first-hand from chef David Bouley who is debuting a "clean living" program about eating and growing healthy, and Bouley put forth the idea that the current wave of eating all "organic" food does not have significant value without beginning the growing process by utilizing clean soil.  In his Bouley Botanical kitchen in SOHO, we dined on his delicious fare while hearing about his philosophy of bringing fresh herbs, medicinal spices and foods into our every day living infused in oils and other creative cooking techniques.  I have to admit, David Bouley has been one of my favorite chefs since over twenty years ago when I dined at his original restaurant in Tribeca, and I came to see him as a food visionary.  It's wonderful to see he is growing and learning and is one of the food and health trendsetters for this generation.  I became convinced over dinner, that by keeping clean soil & conserving water, we can do our part to sustain our planet while staying healthy.  
Shall we toast a tall glass of clean water to that notion?
 I cannot wait to dine upon a David Bouley cooked meal again in the future, and especially knowing he has this state of the art food and body and soul in his vision.  A special thank you to TOTO USA for this experience, an eye opener for certain!

Happy Nesting

blue kale gnocchi was delicious and gluten-free to boot.  
Experience something completely new by dining over at Bouley Botanical
281 Church Street
New York City

TOTO brings state of the art products to the home market.  
Here are a two of our favorites...
LIVING TOTO, Washlet G400
"Changes the bathroom's everyday rituals and rhythms into 
a refreshing, restorative escape" - Toto USA
About the Washlet New Washlet G400:
It integrates the Washlet personal cleansing system with a sleek compact sensor-operated toilet offering the height of convenience and luxury by opening, closing, and flushing automatically.  Personal Cleansing is activated with a streamlined wand extending from beneath the seat to provide a soothing warm flow of aerated water, with oscillating and pulsating options. Drawn directly from the home's fresh water supply, the Washlet G400 always delivers warm water that is pure and clean. Once the cleansing cycle is completed, the user may engage the drying cycle, which uses warm air to gently dry.
 Toto's Luminist Round Vessel Sink:
  I am smitten with this vanity sink. It's sleek and well proportioned complete with LED lighting that offers specialty lighting when needed, perfect for a powder room. 

ABOUT TOTO's Water Conservation:
Through features they dreamt up and created, Toto offers--Tornado Flush, E-Max, 3-D Tornado Flush, Dual-Max, 1-0 GPF Gravity, Aero Jet, and other specific options to allow water conservation.  Read about it in detail on