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What We Love Today, The Aten Light By Soane Britain

What We Love Today Column:

The Aten Light 

by Soane Britain 

What We Love Today is one of the first weekly columns we created on Nest by Tamara blog many moons ago.  We phased it out with how busy the blog's calendar became, but every Monday in 2020 we plan to bring it.  We love these precise and to the point, easy-to-read, quick profiles of some of our favorite artists/brands and wares.  These are products we have specified on our design projects or artists and brands we met and collaborated with.  

To us, the year 2020 is about productivity, and while we continue the need to be inspired and tell great stories, we feel it's also time to take all that inundation and build on that.  This column will help us share important gems, and offered to you in a concise nutshell.  You can save them for your projects or when you are in search of something new and special.  Why every Monday?  We say, why not start the work week with something helpful to add to your source library. We readers have so much content and information coming at us daily with social media and various news networks, Podcasts and blogs, and this Monday column is a refreshing tidbit of information, a perfect fit for our content heading into the new year.  We feel the "Roaring Twenties" decade is all about making it happen!  

In case you are not familiar, Soane is a British company making gorgeous wares.  We are a fan of their rattan furniture but they make textiles, wallpaper and lighting as well.  I love how they collaborate with some of Britain's finest makers, and this dedication to British design keeps artisans and the craft alive.  Everything is made in England while utilizing the talents of makers such as blacksmiths, silversmiths, chair makers, saddlers and weavers.  They offer their wares for both residential and commercial projects, and Soane products are in some of our favorite boutique hotels in England as well as one of our new favorites here in New York City,  the Whitby.

We specified the Aten light for a client's foyer in Southampton last summer, and fell in love with its reflective quality and how it feels exotic and old-world but has a modernity as well.  It's shaped like a sun disc and named after the Egyptian Pharaoh who worshipped the sun.  The Aten is hand hammered giving it a lovely patina, and it is also offered in various sizes and metals, and offered either by candle only or also electrified. 

Soane is known for their hand woven rattan
photograph by Miguel Flores-Vianna
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

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