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What We Love Today Column: HERMÈS Carnets d'Equateur

What We Love Today:
Carnets d'Equateur by HERMÈS
I love shopping for tableware.  I believe in mixing and layering vintage and modern patterns, silver and glassware together on my everyday table.  We love to cook in our family, and living in the moment while enjoying every meal as if it's a special occasion is one small way one can truly raise your quality of living.  Many years ago I stayed extensively with a Spanish family in Madrid.  I noticed how they lived and made every meal special.  Not necessary extravagant, but they utilized their table linens and tableware in unique and creative ways, which ramps up the dining experience while showcasing the food well.  It makes the entire moments richer, and encourages everyone to show up to the table, and to slow down and connect. 

I've been a tabletop collector for decades.  I shop vintage boutiques, online and estate sales for all my favorite patterns, and if I love them I have no problem picking up simply a pair of plates to  mix and match together on my table when  cooking for my family and entertaining.  I keep my varied plate collections in an antique linen press in my dining room and use my stuff everyday.  Sometimes, I even pull out the real silver mid-week and mix the China with the pottery.  Using what you have (even the good stuff) brings memories back and makes everyone stop and enjoy the food in a deliberate manner.
HERMÈS is the epitome of luxury in fashion, home and equestrian ware.  I have long-loved their hand bags, and even had the great fortune to travel outside of Paris and visit their Atelier to see how their in-house artists create these products.
As expected, their tabletop collections are exquisite and they support artists who draw and paint detailed scenes.  Carnets d'Equateur is one of their most beautiful, varied collections.  Each plate showcases a different animal in their natural habitat- jaquars, macaws, panthers and impalas. I have a few of the macaw plates (I love birds).  The collection was painted by French naturalist and illustrator/painter Robert Dallet who has dedicated his life to the representation of wildlife.       
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara