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Tamara Stephenson Interior Design; root cellar designs, LLC
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Thursday, December 15

Countdown to Christmas: Day 14 - add a little sparkle to the holidays with a can of .gold & silver spay paint

showroom and windows I decorated for the former Dooney & Bourke flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City
I love to use gold in decorating 
for the holiday season
a little bit of glitter goes a long way during the Holidays...but sometimes a bit of gold or silver really add a sophisticated flair to your decorating. I used gold and natural elements throughout this Dooney & Bourke store on Madison Avenue, New York City 18 years ago and since then I've loved to use gold on my holiday table and home.
Heck, if you can't glitz it up for the Holidays, when can you? 
I saw this photograph in Southern Living magazine and it gave me more great ideas.  I like to take sprigs of holly, leftover mini pumpkins from halloween or even fruit (like pomegranates) and spray it with a shiny gold or silver spray paint.
For my holiday table 2011, I painted mini pumpkins, leaves and holly a matte gold I bought at the flower district in New York City--I'm dangerous with a spray can.
I love the look of the gold and silver combined with my antique German porcelain, these glittery napkin rings, bamboo chargers set against a cream colored place mat.  This literally took me five minutes and it transformed my table.  The leaves are gorgeous!  
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara