Monday, December 5

Countdown to Christmas Day 2 monochromatic pots to add a neutral base to your Holiday Decor

Day 2
Nest by Tamara's Christmas Countdown -- daily nesting tips:

Try a monochromatic color palette
 for a neutral base against all the holiday decorations:

I love using small green trees or cut boxwood or holly in pots on my fireplace mantel or on a table for an edited, maintenance-free look
I collect antique McCoy pottery in all white and this above photograph from Pinterest illustrates how festive this look would be with my pottery. 
If you don't have any all white pots, try using any collection you have in one material -- pine boxes, moss-covered clay pots, silver cups, one color tea cups, even small white metal pails
(I picked up some pretty blue metal pails this summer from Target and used them as table decor for my outdoor table and filled them with cut white hydrangeas) and add greenery and cluster together somewhere special -- a focal point in your home. 
You will be amazed at the results - enjoy!