Thursday, December 8

Countown to Christmas Day 5: a simple tree decorating tip

photographs by Gabby Stephenson
try to re-create a snowy day on your tree

 Let me share my family's fun tradition:  
we decorate our tree with Baby's Breath dried flowers as a finishing touch for a snowy feel. 
Do you know Baby's Breath? 
it's that puffy white sprig of a flower, seems dried but nobody knows for certain.  It has never been my favorite addition to floral arrangements, but I truly love the snowy effect it gives to my Christmas tree.  Since I was very little our family has collected large bundles of Baby's Breath during the Holidays.  Pull it apart into small clusters and simply put it evenly throughout the tree. It creates a beautiful snowy touch.

push little sprigs of Baby's Breath
throughout your tree, and their stems will hold them in place