Tuesday, December 13

Countdown to Christmas - Day 11 Add some Candy Cane Amaryllis to your holiday table for a festive touch

My favorite holiday flower: 
Candy Cane Amaryllis
 a festive flower to add sparkle to your table

my flower arrangement finalized the details on my table -- I made these crafty little boxes of paper poinsettia filled with chocolates.

 You all know how much I love to shop the wholesale flower market, especially during the holiday season.  If you live in an urban area, chances your flower market has lots of choices.  However, for you suburban and rural dwellers, there are great choices as well, and ironically, I recently stopped into a Home Depot in Long Island and was surprised at the variety of flowers and foliage offered up and at reasonable prices too.  When choosing my holiday flowers I look for something festive, unusual and I think of longevity and choose wisely because I'd it to last as long as possible.  I know Poinsettas are associated with the season but I like something a bit richer...

 I contemplated potted peppers and oranges, which feel festive
when put in unusual pots
 ruby red poinsettas are quintessentially Christmas to me
I'm awed by the hot pink peonies in December!

What stole my attention were these Candy Cane Amaryllis I picked up and arranged with roses and sprigs of berries to create a  pretty, colorful table centerpiece
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara