Saturday, December 17

Countdown to Christmas: Day 18 - Get in the Christmas Spirit - make a cup of hot cocoa for someone you love...

get in the "Christmas Spirit"
by doing something sweet for someone you love. 

It took me awhile with the frenetic pace of running here and there, shopping, wrapping and entertaining to get that warm, happy feeling that comes over us during the holiday season, a feeling many call the "Christmas Spirit".  This sense of community and giving to those we love can often get lost in the busy schedule of the season, but sometimes it hits us unexpectedly.  It came upon me today while I made Miles a cup of homemade Hot Chocolate and served it to him while he watched a movie on the sofa (the fireplace roared beside him).  Don't you just love to see your family, friends and community happy?
To me, that's what Christmas is all about. 

Tyler Florence's recipe is close enough to the one I whip up for my kids.  Please note we are not marshmallow fans, therefore I replace with fresh whipped cream on top (as can be noted by my photograph).  However, I do like how Tyler offers up a homemade marshmallow recipe if you are ambitious.  In addition, I add a little vanilla to my mix, but otherwise it's a very similar recipe. 

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara