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Week 4 Holiday Book Recommendation: Equiscape by Juliet R. Harrison

“When this series first started to emerge I called it Equine Landscapes and Topographicals. In concept that still fits. It is a body of work that on first appearance calls to mind traditional landscape photography. And yet, these images are my exploration of the massing, musculature, textures and sheer physical structure of the horse. They are an homage to what is horse. A visual touch. My obsession. They are Equiscapes. The word has a soft sound. Like the sun warmed winter coat of my horse, Tony. Whispered with reverence for the horse. I present to you, Equiscape – A Modernist Nude.” – Juliet R. Harrison

I absolutely love giving books as Holiday gifts because they inspire and offer up a world of possibilities.  November was chock-filled with four eclectic books I chose to highlight -- let's end with this week's book recommendation --
Equiscape:  A Modernist Nude by Juliet R. Harrison.

Each week this month I chose books on subjects that mean a great deal to me -- First, there was setting a beautiful table with Kathryn Greeley's The Collected Tabletop; second week we dove into the story of  fashion legend Eleanor Lambert Still Here written by her former assistant the talented John Tiffany.  This past week I profiled a glimpse of architect duo team Hariri & Hariri and their new book about the world and future possibilities of architecture, Hariri & Hariri Architecture. 

Now, if you read Nest you already know that I love horses and the equestrian world holds a very dear place in my heart.  I've written quite a few magazine stories and posts about the connection between these large, beautiful animals and us humans.  I've written this before and I'm wondering aloud if it is true that horses are truly "mans best friend" (no offense doggies and I love you too).  These large mammals work so hard to please us and they are most often gentle, strong and beautiful.

I met Juliet two years ago while I was up at HITS  (Horse shows In The Sun) horse show in Saugerties, NY to support my daughter who was competing in the Children's Hunter division and mini equitation divisions.  Juliet made a point to find me after we connected on twitter about our love for anything "equestrian"   Arriving with camera in hand for a coffee and ringside chat, it was plain to see that Juliet is a professional who has been bitten with the horse bug.  Her photographs clearly show her appreciation for this incredible animal. Her newly published book, Equiscape is the fourth equestrian book she has published and captures the artistic beauty of the animal's coat and strong curvaceous body. 

To buy a copy of this book for $150.00 check  In addition, Juliet is offering a "Special Editions" version which is signed and includes an open edition 8 1/2 x 11" digital print as well on her website for a limited time at  Since she makes these special ordered copies it will take a few weeks to receive your signed copy, and this version is  $175.00+shipping.   

Juliet has proudly and successfully self-published her books. 

all images generously provided by Juliet Harrison
for the purpose of this story only


Juliet is drawing attention for her beautiful images and check out the New York Times blog story on Equiscape -  The Rail Blog at The New York Times
Equiscape: A Modernist Nude
Photographs by Juliet R. Harrison
Introduction by Tamsin Pickeral
118pp. - Hardcover
59 B&W and Color plates-Trim size – 11” x 13”

Here's what Tamsin Pickeral wrote in her introduction to the book --

“Sublime and masterful, Equiscape challenges traditional perceptions of equestrian depictions and imparts a haunting and persistent impression of the esoteric, core nature of the horse. Remarkably, photographer Juliet R Harrison conveys this, the timeless, superb, magic of the horse, in images beautifully devoid of any form of sentimentality. Harrison does not produce pretty pictures of pretty horses, but instead uses her chosen subject matter of the horse to create art works bordering on the abstract and defined by modernist principles of purity of line, form, light and shadow…….Harrison’s Equiscapes are remarkable, appreciable as art works following in the footsteps of……Edward Weston and Judith Turner, and those of modern artists Georgia O’Keeffe and Boccioni. But further, she has achieved a rare combination of cool, pure forms, abstract at times with an underlying, subtle but clearly perceived love of horses.” – Tamsin Pickeral

Thank you Juliet and it's artists like you who inspire --
 When my daughter Gabby saw this book her eye's sparkled with excitement -- I may just have to buy Equiscape for my aspiring photographer and equestrian.  Since she was five years old Gabby has been enamored with these animals, and over the past few years she's taken to the camera to document her love.  We filled her orange (Hermes inspired) bedroom with her sepia-tone photography last year...

See below Gabby's equestrian photography as well as moments from September's Hampton Classic equestrian event
 in Bridgehampton, New York

riding Cloudy

with blacksmith

 photographs by Gabby Stephenson
blue skies Hampton Classic

Gabby practicing on equitation mount Sambucco

 Gabby winning champion Local Jr. Hunter division
on Man Of The Hour
Gabby with trainer Patrick Rice

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