Wednesday, December 14

Countdown to Christmas: Day 12 spruce up your vases or antique urns with some dried berries for Holiday magic

tall branches in large vases or urns can really create a dramatic effect, and for the season I enjoy adding dried berries -- not only do they last a long time but the punch of color is dramatic.  The tall thick branch versions are my favorite
while I love fresh quince or buds on tall branches for spring, 
they don't last as long as their dried cousin versions...
 here I am shopping and these are quite unique above. 
The ones below are faux and although cute, not my cup of tea...

I found the perfect height of berries to adorn my green antique outdoor urns which flank my mantel.  The  tall berries give the height I need with my ceilings and scream Christmas, don't you think?