Thursday, December 22

Countdown to Christmas: Day 22 -- a giant thank you to all the neighbors for giving us sparkle and light shows during the holidays

A little sparkling inspiration tonight
with three days until Christmas, 
and a
thank you to all the neighbors in the world
for lighting up our lives during the holidays...

I was inspired this evening while out for an evening drive
by the creativity used to string lights on
yards, windmills, windows, doors and trees. 
check out these ethereal blue trees lining a wooded path. 

A giant thank you to all who put forth these efforts during the holidays. 
We did not hang lights outside this year, although we have in many year's past.  Anyone who has stood on a ladder and taken on this task knows all too well the hard effort involved.  Everywhere you go in our country you can see great light shows which bring a little twinkle to our neighborhoods.  Of course we have all seen the over the top stuff too but kudos to those who brighten our lives and bring their own special form of magic.

So, in honor of all of you who light up, thank you!

 We wait every year for our neighbors on Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton 
to light up their wooded path --
the blue,
the forest,
the little stars on top....
this is amazing, no?

 a lone red glittery tree in the East Hampton Harbor

quite a stately show of white lights on the infamous 
White House in East Hampton all glowing

sometimes simplicity says it all...
to me, a lit original Dutch windwill is the ultimate in beauty 

 East Hampton village at midnight