Tuesday, December 6

Countdown to Christmas: Day 3 use your ornaments in glass as an arrangement!

Christmas Countdown Continues...Day 3
Too many tree ornaments,
or you simply want to try a different decorating look on your tree this year.

Source: google.com via tamara on Pinterest

What to do with all those
pretty ornaments from year's past? 

I love to take out one of my tall trifle dishes or a hurricane lamp, or even a large crystal bowl and fill it with mercury glass ornaments or the large collection of my mother's hand-me-down ornaments that all hold special meaning to me. 
 It creates a festive centerpiece on my holiday table and without the worry of fresh flowers, and an added bonus - it lasts the entire season. 
Put the bowl on a large tray (as the one above on Pinterest) and scatter some little sprigs of Holly or more special ornaments around the tray --
You will have a professional looking arrangement, just like a stylist.

my fireplace mantel with McCoy pottery filled with christmas ornaments

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Please Read Earnest by Miles Stephenson on Saxon Henry's blog
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